"The life so short, the crafts so long to learn."
~Geoffrey Chaucer

Whimsical Creations and Rubber Art Stamps by Sandra Evertson

Sandra Evertson has the wonderful ability to create magic through her images and words. She reveals on her blog: "There was a single specific moment in time when it struck me, " I just might be an artist!" And I must admit it was quite a relief. This explains everything, it all makes perfect sense now! Those frantic urges to quickly search out paper and pen, a lack of attention for the ordinary and mundane but endless patience and diligence for anything frivolous or whimsical!"

"Then there are those impulses bordering on near obsession with all things quirky and impractical. As my squirreled away misfit collections of the odd and interesting grew so did the desire to create, the two traveled happily hand in hand. I have always admired my sisters beautiful singing voice, although I try, I can't sing a note. I do however sing through my art!" Sandra is a contributor to Where Women Create, Somerset Life, Romantic Homes and Somerset Studio magazines, and creates a line of rubber art stamps from her collaged images. She has also written several books.

In one blog posting, Sandra admits, "All of my life, I have never quite fit in, always felt out of place, odd man out, you know? Some times over exuberance, adventurous curiosity and creativity can cause others to misunderstand and even shun you.." I think many creative types feel this way, and it is often the art that saves us. We follow our souls calling, and in that act we can become whole. And, Sandra has a beautiful soul. She must have. You can see it in her creations, and on her blog. See for yourself HERE.

Images used with permission from Sandra Evertson.

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Manon Doyle said...

I've been to Sandra's blog many times! I'm always in awe! She can tell the most beautiful stories accompanied by incredible images. She is a true talent!

Renee said...

What brilliant work. An odd man out. I think everyone feels like that sometimes.

Renee xoxo said...

oh I do likey
I follow you