"The life so short, the crafts so long to learn."
~Geoffrey Chaucer

Torn Paper And Mixed Media Collages by Julie King

Over the years, Julie King has woven baskets, made hand-sewn soft dolls, and dabbled in painting. But she always longed to be an established artist. "I was lucky to have worked in a support position to a wonderful group of graphic designers for several years. This fueled my desire to be an artist even more." After seeing an article about torn paper collages in February of 2007, Julie thought "Hmmm, I may just try that. And, my true artistic self was born. I am completely self-taught and learn something new with each and every piece I do. I'm all about experimenting." She makes hand made collages from torn bits of paper, and sells note cards and prints from her original works. She also creates custom designs.

"My technique varies depending on the piece. Sometimes I use torn paper only with very little acrylic paint and other pieces have a great deal of acrylic paint with only a bit of torn paper. I use a big variety of scrapbook papers, vintage papers, tissue papers, some handmade or hand painted papers to make the actual design. I also use rubber stamps, shiva paint sticks, india inks, glitter, gel pens, pastel chalks and a good deal of other substrates to create patterns and textures both on the backgrounds and for the actual design. Words are added via rubber stamps or on my mac. A clear top coat is used to seal the collage. My notecards are made with small prints from my Epson R1900 printer. I attach the small prints to pre-bought notecards."

Julie lives in Dayton, Ohio, and is married to a "wonderfully supportive man." She has two grown children, two grown step-children, and three grandchildren who are the light of her life. Her other love is Presley, her 16 year old miniature schnauzer. She pulls a great deal of inspiration from nature and random thoughts. "I enjoy writing poetry and sometimes will just sit and jot down words that eventually become an art piece. Blogging has really spurred my creativity both by writing and sharing with other like-minded artists and also learning so much from others." She is also an amateur photographer who carries her camera everywhere she goes. Visit her blog to see additional artwork HERE. And, her Etsy site HERE.

Images used with permission from Julie King.

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