"The life so short, the crafts so long to learn."
~Geoffrey Chaucer

Recycled Glass Art by John Bassett

Retired carpenter and amateur musician, John Bassett, creates recycled glass art. He and his wife, Christina, live in Brookline, Massachusetts. "My town has a good recycling program, and I get a lot of my bottles and old windows from the town dump. I’ve been doing glass since 1979. I was a kid who drew and painted. My uncle, Richard Bassett was a painter. If there is consistency in what I make it is in the re-use of old stuff. I’m interested in the richness of shape and texture of glass produced by slumping and fusing. "

"I’m doing glass that can be shown on interior walls and doesn’t need strong backlighting. This wall mounted glass is supported by armatures of wood or brass. I’m interested in light, structure, line, texture, balance, and color in that order. I also do panels for windows and commissions. I’m happy in the rich, associative world of recycled glass and other found objects. "

Besides creating recycled glass art, John and his wife lead a busy life with their cats, Enrique and Cowley. And, proud of their seven grandchildren, Rachel, Theo, Penny, Freddy, Naomi, Henry, and Gavriella. John also keeps busy showing his artwork, promoting the green aspect of his recycled craft. Visit his website to see additional glass art HERE. ~Information provided by John Bassett and also seen on his website.

Images used with permission from John Bassett.

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Art4Sol said...

Beautiful work....simply love it! Thanks for sharing.

Manon Doyle said...

I love artists who use recycled material! John certainly does beautiful work!

Poetic Artist said...

Beautiful work..It is nice to recycle and make beauty in a different life form.

Poet said...

I am supposed to choose seven blogs to pay foward a blog honor known as a tag. I choose yours for your lovely works of art.

Come see what I've said about it, if you'd like.

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Hannah said...

These are something different and absolutely gorgeous:-)