"The life so short, the crafts so long to learn."
~Geoffrey Chaucer

Hand Painted Boxes, Mixed Media, and Folk Art by Flor Larios

Originally from Nicaragua, Flor Larios grew up in a family of artists and art lovers. "My first contact with painting was in fact through my grandfather's work. My grandfather was an exceptional man whom I admired as a child and from whose example I continue to benefit. He was a musicologist by profession, but did primitivist painting when his research allowed." And, though her grandfather introduced art to Flor, it was a stranger who ultimately inspired her to pursue it. "It was actually the work of Frida Kahlo that motivated me to spend more and more time painting. There is hardly a more courageous artist, defying all expectations, challenging standards, and in the process managing to communicate her feelings and experience."

Over the years Flor worked very hard to overcome the challenge posed by her lack of formal training in the arts. And, it has been frustrating at times. But, she is fully devoted to her craft, and seeing her children develop a sensitivity for the arts has made it a very rewarding experience. Her children are also involved with her business. "My daughter, she is always giving me the right prices to sell my art, and my son, always giving me new ideas and good advice." Her husband is the greatest admirer of her work, but a tough critic, as well.

Flor lives in sunny Miami, Florida with her family. She admits to "complaining all the time." It's just a habit, she acknowledges. But, if she complains, it's partly because she expects so much of her herself. And, she works extremely hard. As most artists and people in business should do, she is constantly developing new ways to promote her craft. And, she does it well. Visit her blog HERE to see additional works. And, her ETSY site HERE.

Images used with permission from Flor Larios.

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Poetic Artist said...

Thank your for sharing her art.
I am sure that you have a heart of full of kindness and joy. You put so much into these blogs.

Manon Doyle said...

The work that Flor does is quite lovely! I love her use of colors and the her folk art style!

Silke said...

Thank you for the interview. Flor's art is beautiful! I love her style and her colors. :-) Silke

Angela Recada said...

Flor's work is beautiful!

Micki said...

Flor is a great artist and I have just re-decorated my bathroom today, just to fit in with a print I bought from her!
Now that's decication ;)

Micki x

Flossiekat said...

This gal is one of my favorite artists! Her work is so sweet and lovely! I wish her and you well in everything!

Renee said...

Nancy thanks so much for featuring Flor.

Flor did a commissioned painting of my family last year and I absolutely love it.

She is a wonderful artist and a very kind soul.

Love to you Nancy.

Love Renee xoxo

Margot Potter said...

Beautiful artwork created by an equally beautiful woman. Thank you so much for sharing!


lori vliegen said...

wonderful post! i love flor's artwork! :)

Vania said...

Lovely blog, lovely art - CONGRATS on the feature!

julie king said...

what a wonderful interview and story about a truly gifted artist!

lorenika said...

I found Flor Lario's blog just a few days ago and i really love it!
And its really interesting to know more about this artist.
Congratulations for the interview Flor!

Leslie said...

Your art is beautiful, Flor. Who needs formal training when you have so much natural talent!
Congrats, Leslie

Flor Larios Art said...

Thank you so much Nancy for choosing my art to be in this beautiful blog.
Thanks to you all for your kind words about my art.

Alisa said...

Beautiful work! Love it!

Every Photo Tells A Story said...

Flor, it was my pleasure, and thank you:)

Thank you to everyone else for your kind comments about this blog!