"The life so short, the crafts so long to learn."
~Geoffrey Chaucer

Bricolage by Ken Flett

Friends and Lovers © Ken Flett

Memory of Caressed Flesh © Ken Flett
Ken lives in Port Alberni, British Columbia, Canada, and specializes in mixed media.
Visit his website to see his work HERE.
And, his blog HERE to see some beautiful photographs and artwork
and to read stories about the people who inspires Ken's art,
as well as his own stories.
See example HERE.
Life is whittled
Life's a riddle
Man's a fiddle that life plays on
~Tom Waits

"A bricoleur is a kind of handyman who enjoys adroitly drawing upon all sorts of everyday things - just what lies at hand - to attend to those things that make the good life."

"Ken's bricolage starts with a photograph and builds upon it with instinctive subtlety. He affectionately chooses a photo of persons he cares about deeply. The developed enlargements are pieced together to form a whole, if fractured, image which is glued to canvas. This bare, broken first statement is richly enhanced by things which come to mind or lie at hand - a fragment of a letter, a photo from the past, a pressed flower, or by paintbrush, an echo of times past, a scent of endearment, a hint of hope, such stuff as dreams are made of. "Whatever it takes" says the artist, an intuitive bricoleur of the human mystery. And so, layer upon layer, just as our lives are made of the "impasto" of all that ever happens, the artist builds an icon of innocence which is beyond moral judgement or mortal denial. Ken Flett compels our engagement in the genial complicity of an inescapable communion." ~From his website with permission.

Artwork copyrighted by Ken Flett, and posted with consent.

5 comment(s):

Stephen Dell'Aria said...

Fantastic!!! I follow Ken's blog and he knits together some terrific photo essays as well as these impressive pieces.

Renee said...

Ken is a pure spirit. A rare individual that I believe doesn't try, but just is.

Ken, I love your work and especially your stories and photos of people on the street.

Whether presenting people or paintings or stories, and definitely your baby you leave one always with the whisper of love and compassion trailing in the air.

Love you.

Renee xoxoxo

WHY? said...

Great blog! And, I love these images. I visited Ken's site and I'm in awe of his artwork. They are poetry on canvas.

Manon Doyle said...

I have been on Ken's blog and not to his website! I didn't realize that he created all this amazing art! I am truly in awe of his talent!

india said...

wonderful what trails and links and bridges one finds while playing with the inter-pixies...
delighted to have found you!