"The life so short, the crafts so long to learn."
~Geoffrey Chaucer

Collage Art by Leslie Avon Miller

Collage artist, Leslie Avon Miller, creates artwork that fills you with a sense of tranquility. Her work combines earthy colors, simplicity, style, and multi-layered textures. She and her husband, along with their three cats, live in the Pacific Northwest, between the Olympic Mountains and the Strait of Juan de Fuca, with a view of a wild ravine full of animals and bird life right out their door. "I explore – colors, shapes, textures, process, and new ideas. I glue down, cover with paint, remove paint and expose part of what is underneath. I love having the ability to seek out interesting papers and to move them around to find a composition that pleases my eye. Expressing meaning became important as I began to work more. Now I create a narrative, a mood, and express myself in ways I simply can’t with only words. Although I also love words, and often include them in my work."

What inspires Leslie: "I am inspired by life. I am so grateful to be here, on this beautiful planet and in this time. I love people, animals and birds, and nature. I love to see the interesting effects of time on a wall, billboards, and architecture. I love history and archeology and learning. I have seen ancient art carved into rocks eons ago. That speaks to me as well. And most of all I feel it is our obligation and gift to learn to speak in our own authentic creative voice. We create value and space for others to do so when we do learn to express ourselves. If I am frustrated it is by wanting even more time to create….I want a self cleaning house!"

How she handles creative blocks: "I am unable to really work well if I am tired, or I haven’t nourished my body or soul. Occasionally a life situation will arise that takes me off course. I try to work my way back to my creative expression gently. I might look at images, nature, calligraphy, and work of artists I enjoy. I read poetry or a good story. I talk things over with a trusted friend. I also give myself permission to be, just be, with what ever is present at the moment. That can take some reminding to me, but it is worth the effort. I also make a decision to enter my creative space. I have no goal when I do. I simply expect myself to pick up my tools, sort my papers, tidy up, and reconnect with my materials and space. It almost always results in some sort of creative effort. It doesn’t take much if I am rested to get going again." Visit Leslie's blog to see more of her artwork HERE.

Images used with permission from Leslie Avon Miller.

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